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Christopher’s Occasional Blog on Holy Communion, violence, food justice, and more.



A River Flows out of Eden19andy76

Another blog, sharing some of the liturgical materials that Christopher writes for worship in chapel at Eden Theological Seminary.  




You can find some of Christopher’s scholarly articles here, plus links to others.



The Work of the People:
What We Do in Worship and Why

The Work of the People, co-authored by Dr. Grundy, lays out some guiding values for Christian worship, and then works its way through an order of service, explaining elements of worship and offering ideas for how they can be done well.  The book is written for local churches, for worship committees and adult education groups.  It aims to help anyone who wants to deepen their experience of worship and work toward more vibrant, transformative worship in their local congregation.  

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  1. Evelyn Sweetser
    June 24, 2018 @ 2:26 am

    Tommy Takami was a guest speaker at a high school church camp held at Doane College in Nebr. in the late 1950’s. That led to my life-long interest in his work at ARI, thru reading the newsletters & making small donations to the work. I’ve been sorting thru boxes lately & came across one from 1989 with a list of people & what they were doing. I glanced thru it to see if I recognized any names. I was not familiar with yours but the brief paragraph about you & Shinn made me wonder what you had done with your life after your return to the USA to attend a theological seminary. So I just now Googled your name & I praise the LORD for how He has been working thru you all these years. May you continue to grow in wisdom & understanding as you study His word.


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