Sheet Music

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There are three websites where you can get sheet music for Christopher’s songs.
The Convergence Music Project will gradually be adding more and more of Christopher’s songs.  This site will also have bundles, where you can get a recording, sheet music, Power Point files, guitar charts, and more. passes a larger percentage on to the artist, but doesn’t provide previews of the sheet music.  This site currently has the greatest selection of Christopher’s newer and older pieces. will show you previews of the music, but keeps half the cost you pay.  
The following songs are owned by the United Church of Christ.  Sheet music for these songs is sold at (Search for “grundy” and look in the sub-menus of each of the four pages corresponding to the sections of the “Sing! Prayer and Praise” songbook.)

Every Step of the Way
This Is My Child
Pour Out Your Spirit Now
Waiting for You
Holy, Holy, Holy

Don’t see sheet music for something you want to play?  Please contact us.